Fitness, Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

We provide general fitness and athlete/sport specific programs; strength conditioning, power, core, balance, quick feet, agility and flexibility training. Sessions are 30 minutes to 1.25 hour in duration. Sessions are designed for 1 on 1, semi or group/teams specific needs. Also, available are programs for participants new to fitness, participants wanting to increase their fitness level, weight management, and walking and running programs.

1 on 1 or Small Group

Instructor - Sandra Sherbaty​​

1 on 1 or Semi Packages:
30 min $35.00 *beginner only
45 min $50.00
1 hr $65.00


10 - 30 minute sessions $300 *beginner only
10 - 45 minute sessions $400
10 - 1 hour sessions $600

20 - 1 hour sessions $1100

All participants will recieve a FREE Body Composition with a 10 package. Plus receive a full 10 week support program, includes; nutrition guidance, meal planning, fitness plans working with your schedule at home/work/travel, and emails, texts and phone calls. 

​Connect with me to book your sessions. 604-329-4775 Email 

Total Body Strong Training 'Building Muscle & Strength. Max 4 per group.

Instructor – Sandra

Wednesdays 7:45-8:45pm,  May 16 - Aug 1
Cost 12 sessions $195
1 on 1 Youth & Adult Fitness & Nutrition sessions are available. Please connect with Sandra for further details. 

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Connect with me to book your sessions. 604-329-4775 Email ​​


Youth & Adult Seminars

​​A 2 hour seminar; meal preparation for a healthy lifestyle.
Do you have a busy schedule; work, school, fitness training programs, sports practices, games and tournament play.
Participants will learn the importance of healthy eating habits, macronutrient ratios, hydration, and supplements. Also, available are consulting sessions to fit your lifestyle needs, learn how to grocery shop and organize your kitchen for healthy eating. 
Meal Planning
Youth & Adult Cooking Classes
Do you want to know what , when and why to eat certain foods and how to plan your meals?
Macronutrients are planned to recover, refuel and energize your body. A balanced fitness & wellness plan will include your total daily calorie requirement and must meet the intake and expenditure of your daily activities. 
Healthy, easy prep and quick easy recipe ideas for your dailly meals
Shopping, prep and cooking tips for your busy schedule.
 #eatclean #eathealthy everyday!
Connect with me and I can help you plan, prep and cook your meals?
Personalized cook book!

 Simple quick recipes for fast and easy meals for the whole family to cook. 
Thank you for the Meal Prep session. It was very helpful and meals were yummy. Carrie

Thank you so much for the session! Today was a crazy day and because of you I had a healthy meal already prepped. Gabriella

Your meal planning helped me to stay on track with my eating plan.
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LifeStyle Coaching

What are the benefits of a Lifestyle Coach? 

To help you create a positive, healthy life both personally and professionally.
  • Goal Setting 
  • Step by step planning
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Managment

Per hour $75.00

​Connect with me to book your sessions. 604-329-4775  Email